Anfi timeshare compensation

Assuming you have bought a timeshare in anfi, there are some things you should know when you want to cancel it.

First of all, what is an?

It stands for “Aqua Natura Florida International” and has above 500 members in Spain right now. If you buy a timeshare from this company, you will pay a so-called monthly fee which costs around 150 euros and in return, you can stay for two weeks every year at one of their properties.

You get the possibility to choose between several different houses or apartments. One is located in Benidorm (Spain), another one on the Costa Blanca (Alicante/Murcia), one in Marmaris (Turkey) and another on the Costa del Sol (Malaga/Marbella).

Each apartment is located in a complex with swimming pools, restaurants, bars or discos.

It’s possible that some of you have bought this timeshare from an agent online before you even saw it physically. This might be a problem when you want to cancel your contract because they won’t let go that easily. In fact, the cancellation policy is written way too unclear for normal people to understand and also contains hidden clauses without mentioning these clearly. Besides, if you decide to cancel at a later stage, they may charge certain fees which are not mentioned in their cancellation policy or simply said: unfair. They try everything to make sure their customers feel trapped.

Anfi timeshare compensation process

If you want to cancel your contract, it’s good to know that there is a difference between the cancellation policy written for owners and the one written for agents. That means: If you bought this timeshare from an agent, your contract would be different than the one people who actually own their timeshare have got. When we talk about contracts, we mean the ones where they try to trap you at every step of the way and don’t even mention certain fees or dates on which they can charge them on. Maybe some of you haven’t even received a contract and only read about these things online or heard it from other people who had problems with anfi before. The cancellation policies are located at every property, so please ask for them and read up. If you own a property, these rules with regard to cancellation will not bother you that much because the written contract is the same as the one for agents.

Also, we strongly advise everyone who has bought a timeshare during the last 5 years (this company was founded in 2008) to request their contract or at least parts of it. This is very important because most people didn’t even receive any contract before they paid for their timeshare! They only got some papers to sign with no description of what exactly they were signing about. Everything was hidden behind complicated words and sentences, which tricked most people into thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal if they signed this paper without reading first. We have heard so many stories of this happening and also timeshare owners who didn’t even know they owned a timeshare until anfi started to charge them for it! That came as a huge surprise to everyone, and we don’t think that’s fair.